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Environmental Sustainability - Page 3

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Sustainability sits at the forefront of tackling climate change, and for many, needs to be as much of a priority as profitability. The Big Issue Shop’s Environmental Sustainability collection puts the planet before profit, enabling you to make a positive contribution to the world, without impacting negatively on the Earth.

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Plastic in our Oceans - #WEARABIGISSUE T-Shirt by Mau Mau £30.00 GBP £24.00 GBP
Support Wonderbag
Wonderbag - Large £48.00 GBP
Support Wonderbag
Wonderbag - Small £30.50 GBP
Support Quazi
Pulp Triangle Earring Blue and Emerald £14.00 GBP

Environmental Sustainability - Page 3

Support Elephant Branded
EB Urban Laptop Case 13 inch £40.00 GBP
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Angry Dan #WEARABIGISSUE Limited Edition Breast Print T-Shirt £30.00 GBP £24.00 GBP
Support Elvis & Kresse
Elvis & Kresse Tote Bag £210.00 GBP
Support Elvis & Kresse
Elvis & Kresse Compact Briefcase £250.00 GBP
Support Jerry Bottle
Bamboo Lid £2.99 GBP